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Thumbs Down the Movie

Rehearsal at the Cameron House for Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down is the latest fiction release from Tim McLarty.

Steve McIntosh has worked as a boring accountant for 25 years with the same company. When a family member needs an expensive operation he applies for a transfer, not knowing his company is a front for a major crime syndicate. He finds out the hard way.

Writer/Director Tim McLarty started as a radio copywriter out of college in 1980. He went on to write, produce and host on radio stations across Canada over 17 years. He was a professor of media studies in the broadcasting program of Humber College for 8 years before starting media design and content company, Ontrack Communications in 1998.  In addition to telling his own stories through film & podcasts,  Tim  creates content for a variety of clients, and helps them shape their message and brand.

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